In humans, this section suffered  a setback or a hormone produced is rudimentary and unclear functions. the frog, this section produces hormones Melanocytes Stimulating Hormone (MSH) or intermedin. This hormone plays a role in regulating skin discoloration, which regulates the deployment of melanin pigment in the skin cells
c) Posterior or Main Lobby Back
This section produces several kinds of hormones, vasopressin, and oxytocin petresin. vasopressin and petresin serve to affect blood pressure. While oxytocin acts to facilitate the process of birth.
2. Thyroid gland or goiter
The hormones produced by the thyroid gland are of three kinds, the two are similar, namely thyroxine and triodotironin, and calcitonin. This hormone functions is quite extensive, namely:
a. Affects cell metabolism, heat production process of oxidation in the cells of the body, except the brain cells and spleen cells.
b. Affecting growth, development, and differentiation of tissue.
c. In turn affect tyrosine.
When these hormones have excess production or cause Morbus Basedow Hyperthyroidism, ie increased eyelids wide open and bulging eyeballs (exophthalmos). In the event the children will lead to gigantism.
Thyroxine production when too low or 88sears hyperthyroidism, will lead to atrophy. When seen in adults would occur mixoedem, namely obesity (obesity) and intelligence superb manurun. Lack of iodine can cause disruption of the formation of the hormone thyroxine, a thyroid symptom onset.


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