The parathyroid gland or thyroid glands mycableone
This gland is located in the dorsal side of the thyroid gland. Hormones produced is parathormone, controls the exchange of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. If levels of Ca ++ in the blood is lower than normal, parathormone excreted. As a result, the calcium in the bones will be dissolved and get into the blood in the form of calcium ions. Parathormone overproduction of hormones will cause blood calcium levels increased, this will result in limestone deposits in the kidneys, called kidney stones. Lack of this hormone can cause cramps called tetanus.
4. Gland Efifise
These glands produce a hormone whose function is unclear.
5. The thymus gland or glands Kacangan
This gland is in charge of storing up Somatotrop hormone or growth hormone. This hormone works only in its infancy. This hormone deficiency in youth will lead to dwarfism. The advantage of this hormone on the growth period will show a giant growth. When this hormone as adults continue to function, it will cause aromegali.
6. suprarenalis gland or adrenal gland
This gland is often called the adrenal gland. Adrenal gland consists of the skin or part of the cortex and the inner or medulla.
A hormone produced by the adrenal gland hormones adrenaline or epinephrine is.
Adrenalin hormone function, as follows:
a) Encourage the activity of the heart and blood vessels of the skin and mucous glands.
b) Relax the smooth muscle stem enlarges tenggorork up breathing.
c) Affect the breakdown of glycogen (Glycogenesis) in the liver that raise blood sugar levels.

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